Cypress Wood Siding

Cypress Wood Siding

Cypress wood siding- Popular for it’s beauty, durability and versatility. With proper care and maintenance, the useful life of cypress can last for generations, making it more cost effective than most other choices. (The first doors of St. Peter’s Basilica is believed to have been made of cypress which were more than 1100 years old when the building was torn down and reconstructed in the 16th century.  It’s also commonly believed that Noah’s ark was built of cypress wood.)

Although cypress is used mainly for exterior applications- siding, decking, porches, etc., more and more home improvement experts are bringing the warmth and character of cypress indoors, on walls, ceilings and more, combining it with today’s latest products and technologies. The possibilities are endless.

Cypress readily accepts a variety of finishes including paints and stains. It is a reversible product with one side rough and one side smooth. It is available in random lengths 8′ to 16′.  Please contact us for more information and you may also visit:

Installation Information

Tongue and Groove Cypress 1 x 6

S4S (smooth) only. Other patterns available upon request.

Price : $1.50/l.f.

Tongue and Groove Cypress 1 x 8

S4S (smooth) only. Other patterns available upon request.

Price : $1.85/l.f.

Cypress Plain Bevel Siding 1 x 8

Price : $1.19/l.f.

(/lf) Represents per linear foot.