Log Home Kits

Log Home Kits 

At East Tennessee Building Supply we provide log home building materials on a component basis instead of “log home kits”. Whether you’re a custom home builder or a do-it-yourselfer, you decide exactly what you purchase and when, depending on your choices and your budget.  Purchasing in components allows for changes to be made during construction and also your products are delivered as you need them. Otherwise, some products that you won’t be needing until later in the building process may actually have to be exposed  to the elements until ready to use. But the best part is that you will save thousands of dollars when you purchase your log cabin package in this way.  East Tennessee Building Supply also offers all the building products you will need to complete your log home from start to finish including but not limited to: wood beams, tongue and groove siding, log siding, log railing, roof insulation panels, hardwood flooring, doors, windows and more!

Provide us with your custom house plan, drawing or even an idea written on a napkin- the team at East Tennessee Building Supply will provide an itemized materials list including prices for all the products needed to complete your home. We look forward to a working relationship with you and you will be delighted with your cost savings. You will also enjoy reduced energy costs throughout the year when you choose our “log on log” system.

The table below displays sample pricing for basic log home sizes. Prices shown are for our most popular species Eastern White Pine. Other species, profiles and sizes are available. Please call for pricing and availability.  Dovetails and hand hewing are also available at an additional cost.

We will quote any size log home you need! 

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Basic Log Home Packages

Log Home Kits - D-Logs

SizeProfileIncluded in PackagePrice
24' x 30'6 x 8 D-LogLogs, Log Boss* Screws and Foam Tape$6,975.00
28' x 40'6 x 8 D-LogLogs, Log Boss Screws and Foam Tape 8,789.00
30' x 50'6 x 8 D-LogLogs, Log Boss Screws and Foam Tape 10,185.00

Log Home Kits - Chink Log

SizeProfileIncluded in PackagePrice
24' x 30'6 x 12 Chink LogLogs, Log Boss Screws, Foam Tape, Dovetails$ 10,065.00
28' x 40'6 x 12 Chink LogLogs, Log Boss Screws, Foam Tape, Dovetails 12,049.00
30' x 50'6 x 12 Chink LogLogs, Log Boss Screws, Foam Tape, Dovetails 13,900.00

*Log Boss Log and Timber Fasteners- Specifically designed by Perma-Chink Systems. Recently redesigned head for better counter sinking. The 3″ log thread provides the grip necessary for pulling even the most difficult logs into place while the larger shank diameter increases the overall strength and pulling power. The wings reduce the friction between the wood and the shank and clear out the splinters created as the fastener pulls down into the wood.

FAQs About Our Log Home Packages

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Why aren't your log packages pre-cut?

This is probably our most frequently asked question. And the answer is simple. We believe it should be YOU, the customer, who decides how your new log home should be built.

When you purchase a precut log package, it means that all decisions have been made, and all questions have been answered. That you can’t change your mind about where a door should be, or if you should decide to change a window size, etc.

When you purchase a log package from East Tennessee Building Supply, it allows you total flexibility when building your new log home. And that, in our opinion, is the way that it should be, because you’re the customer.

I see that your log packages come only with the logs, screws, and foam tape. Can you also provide me with other material to build my log home?

ABSOLUTELY. We love working with customers throughout their entire building process. The log package is just the beginning. From there, we can provide you with beams for your porch, second floor, and even the roof system. Then there’s tongue and groove decking, available in eastern white pine, spruce, western red cedar, and even more. Then there’s log siding for the gable ends, dormers, and shed dormer. Also, we are an authorized distributor for quality PermaChink products, saving you 10% on all your stains, sealers, and finishes. Then on the inside, we can provide you with interior wood doors, available in clear or knotty pine. Also available are over 400 different kinds of flooring. Choose from hardwood, engineered, laminate, and more.

What if I'm building a log home, and the size that I'm building isn't listed. Can you provide me with a custom quote, based on the size I need?

No problem, we do it all the time! Just tell us the size home you’re building, the kind of logs you’re interested in, and we’ll do the rest!

Why do your log packages only come with the logs, screws and foam tape, when everybody else provides everything I need, including shingles for the roof?

To put it bluntly, you don’t ever need to buy everything from a log home company. Oh, they make it sound so easy, some call it “One stop shopping”. There’s a reason they market it that way, can you say MONEY?!

Let me prove my point. Separate all the material that is being provided in their package into two categories. Things such as floor joists, plywood, 2×4’s, and 2×6’s should be put into one of the categories. Those are materials that you can get from a local building supply company (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.). Take bids from them all, they will probably even offer you free delivery.

In the next category, put in items that would be considered specialty building products, or special order items. These include items like the logs, beams, tongue and groove decking, log siding, etc. These items should be quoted by a reputable log home company, or a company that provides building products for log homes. That’s US!!!

See for yourself how much a little effort can add up to when it comes to saving money. Plus, when you order everything at once, you take the risk of having two things happen, the weather and theft. Our customers receive their material when they need it, taking a lot of worry out of the building process.

What is the R value of logs?

For more information about the R value of logs please click on this link:  http://www.logassociation.org/resources/reprint_thermal.pdf