channel rustic siding

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Channel Rustic Siding 

Channel Rustic Siding provides excellent weather protection and the channel adds depth and allows for breathing in variable climates, making this one of our most popular siding options. Channel siding installs with a minimal amount of effort and waste. Available in eastern white pine, western red cedar, and cypress in 8’ to 16’ lengths.
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Profile Size Western
Cypress Eastern White Pine Spruce
 1x8cypresschannelrusticed 1x8
$1.59/lf $1.59/lf - -
 1x10cedarchannelrustic 1x10
$1.99/lf - - -
1x12ewpchannelrusticed 1x12     $1.99/lf  

(/lf) Represents per linear foot.

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