Thank you SO MUCH for visiting our website. Reading this tells me that you must want to know all you can about our company and what we have to offer you. But one question that you won’t find in this website is WHY? That’s where I come in. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be the manager of a building supply company. However, sometimes fate can take some strange twists and turns.

After working 18 years in a factory, I found my career suddenly ending due to an outsourcing of jobs in the consumer electronics industry.

But as so many people in the Bible belt would say “God never closes a door that He don’t open a window.”
– Charles Lindley, Owner/Manager of East Tennessee Building Supply

My family and I had just built our dream log home.

Even though it was pretty much an enjoyable experience, we were still faced with many empty promises from both contractors and building supply centers. Hence, the reason we started Simple Country Log Homes.

However, after several years in the loghome industry we decided we should expand our abilities to serve more customers. Hence the reason for East Tennessee Building Supply

Now we are able to provide specialty lumber products to our customers building or remodeling ANY kind of home.

Whether its a log home, a cedar siding home, or even just touching up your existing home, you can depend on East Tennessee Building Supply to provide you with quality materials at much lower prices than you can find at those big box stores.

And with our significant discounts with major trucking lines across the U.S., you can rest assured that you’ll get a great rate on all your shipping needs.

Building your new home or log cabin should be both a pleasant and memorable experience. We know firsthand the ups and downs that go into building that dream home of yours.

Owner - East Tennessee Building Supply

Charles Lindley


As the owner of East Tennessee Building Supply I believe each and every customer is important and deserves the very best customer service. Building a successful business is important, but building lasting relationships is my passion.

East Tennessee Building Supply

John Murgolo

Sales Manager