• Door: Aspen15

  • Wood: Rustic Cherry

  • Color: Chestnut

  • Edge Profile: Shaker

  • Glaze: None

  • Highlight: None

  • Finish Options: Distress

Choose Aspen15 Rustic Cherry Chestnut when ordering your kitchen cabinets. The cherry wood will darken in a short period of time. When ordering your kitchen, it will be lighter in color than this sample door. The age of this door will determine how much lighter. Rustic Cherry can have calico colors of light orange, white and darks and these colors can appear in streaks. This color and grain variations add to the beauty of the wood. Knots and pitch pockets will vary from piece to piece and can vary in size. Not all doors and fronts will have knots or color variations between this door and the complete order. Any replacement parts will not match an existing kitchen but will gradually blend in over time.  Aspen15 Rustic Cherry Chestnut is only available in the distressed finish option.

Kitchen Cabinets Aspen15 Rustic Cherry Chestnut