Centennial15 Rustic Hickory Briarwood Features:

  • Door: Centennial15

  • Wood: Rustic Hickory

  • Color: Briarwood

  • Edge Profile: Shaker

  • Glaze: None

  • Highlight: None

  • Finish Options: None

Centennial15 Rustic Hickory Briarwood.  Rustic Hickory is sought after by those desiring unpredictable grain patterns, dark mineral streaks, knots and vast differences in color. The colors in Hickory can range from white to reddish or dark brown and will appear randomly in frames, doors, and drawer fronts. However, darker stains will tone these variations somewhat. Rustic Hickory is extremely hard with a high shock resistance. Knots will vary in size and appear randomly.

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Kithcen Cabinets Centennial15 Rustic Hickory Briarwood