Centennial15 Rustic Hickory Briarwood Cabinets exhibit the enchanting beauty of Rustic Hickory, renowned for its unpredictable grain patterns, dark mineral streaks, and knots. Transitioning between white, reddish, and dark brown hues, these captivating colors appear randomly across frames, doors, and drawer fronts. Even with darker stains, the distinct character of Rustic Hickory remains intact. Moreover, with exceptional hardness and high shock resistance, this wood ensures long-lasting durability. The size and placement of knots add to the rustic charm, creating a unique and charming aesthetic throughout the cabinets.

Experience the captivating allure of Centennial15 Rustic Hickory Briarwood Cabinets, showcasing unique grain patterns and rustic charm

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Door: Centennial15
Wood: Rustic Hickory
Color: Briarwood
Edge Profile: Shaker
Glaze: None
Highlight: None
Finish Options: None
Kithcen Cabinets Centennial15 Rustic Hickory Briarwood