Cherry: An Interesting Wood For Your Home

By August 6, 2018BLOG

Cherry is an interesting wood that is commonly used for furniture, flooring, cabinets, and both exterior and interior doors. It is a very popular tree because of it’s fruit. The fruit and wood have been used by people all over the world. In North Eastern America it is sometimes called New England Mahogany. In Japan, the cherry blossom is the national flower. In China, it is supposed to repel evil spirits. Which makes it a good choice for doors.

Cherry wood is a hard wood that is moderately hard, fine grained, and a medium weight. Because it is fine grained and easy to carve it is frequently used for wood sculpting. The wood ranges from a light white color to a reddish brown. Once it is cut the wood becomes darker as it ages.

Many types of this tree produce fruit and can grow to as high as eighty feet. They are very long lived and trees two hundred years old have been found. They are related to roses. In America, most of the cherry trees grow in the eastern half of the country.

Cherry wood is known for its interesting grain patterns. Finishes that bring out this are recommended. Because the wood darkens with age it is suggested that lighter stains or neutral finishes be chosen. The wood will take any finish. However, be careful using dark stains. The grain patterns sometimes cause dark stains to not apply evenly. Check with your finish manufacturer before using dark stains on cherry wood.

We at East Tennessee Building Supply carry a collection of sizes and styles of Cherry Interior Doors. We ship them unfinished to allow you to customize the finish to match your other woodwork. If you have any questions, we will be glad to help you with them.

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