Coeur d’Alene

  • Coeur dAlene-Hand Crafted Quality
  • VOC Free Process
  • No use of paints or stains
  • Safe for all interior applications
  • Double sided texture (circular sawn and vertical band sawn)
  • Colors: Gray, brown and black tones
  • Penny gap tongue and groove: 1 x 6 and 1 x 8
  • Lengths: 8′ to 14′
  • Easy to install


  • Actual: 3/8” x 5 7/16” x 48”
  • Nominal: ½” x 6” x 48”
  • Square Footage Coverage: 25’
  • Face: Double Sided Vertical
  • Band Sawn, Circular Sawn

VOC Free Patented Process

Coeur dAlene Wood’s patented VOC Free process simply stimulates the organic maturing of wood that typically occurs from extended exposure to the elements of Mother Nature. We achieve a unique color and texture on each piece of raw lumber without the use of paints, stains, chemicals or other contaminants. Furthermore, our breakthrough process incorporates a germicidal technology that destroys toxins in the wood. As a result, our wood represents the safest choice because you do not run the risk of being exposed to off-gassing or VOCs associated with lead paint or numerous other stains and treatments.

By using Xcelerated ™ wood in your living spaces and work environments, you are reducing your exposure to potentially harmful VOCs that can have long-lasting negative impacts on your health.