• Door: Hastings15

  • Wood: Knotty Alder

  • Color: Black

  • Edge Profile: Shaker

  • Glaze: None

  • Highlight: None

  • Finish Options: Rub Through

Knotty Alder is a soft wood, known for its straight grain and even texture. The color can range from light red to reddish brown. Alder dents easily and having softwood and hardwood characteristics, will absorb excess stain creating dark areas but also absorb minimal stain creating light areas. This variance is not considered a defect. Knotty Alder will feature knots, knot holes, pin holes, and varying grain patterns, which creates the desired rustic appearance. We do not guarantee that each piece will have rustic characteristics.

Kitchen Cabinets Hastings15 Knotty Alder Black