Rustic Beech is a hardwood that exhibits a wide spectrum of color tones, ranging from light tan to reddish brown. This natural color variation enhances the visual appeal of the finished cabinets, adding depth and richness to any kitchen design. The presence of large knots, pin knots, sap streaks, and mineral streaks adds to the rustic character of the wood. This combination creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in your space. With Rustic Beech Stone cabinets, you can experience the beauty of nature. They offer the functionality and durability needed for everyday use.

Transform your kitchen into a welcoming and distinctive space with the timeless appeal of Rustic Beech Stone cabinets

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Door: Norfolk15
Wood: Rustic Beech
Color: Stone
Edge Profile: 950
Glaze: Accent
Highlight: None
Finish Options: None
Kitchen Cabinets Norfolk Rustic Beech Stone