Welcome to our Photo Gallery, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and craftsmanship of projects completed using our log home products. Explore the captivating images and gather inspiration for your own dream log home. Witness the exquisite details, breathtaking settings, and timeless charm that our log homes bring to life. Whether you’re seeking design ideas or simply appreciating the artistry, our Photo Gallery is sure to leave you inspired.

Captivating Moments: Explore Our Stunning Photo Gallery

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Conforti Residence

Presenting the Conforti Residence, showcasing the impeccable craftsmanship of 2×8 Eastern White Pine D Log Siding. Treated with the Shell-Guard RTU Borate System and coated with Lifeline Ultra 2 Exterior Stain in Dark Natural. The exquisite finishing touch includes 1×4 Eastern White Pine trim boards for window trim and fascia.

Lindley Cabin

Experience the rustic elegance of the Lindley Cabin featuring 1×12 Eastern White Pine Tongue & Groove siding. The pristine wood is enhanced with Lifeline Acrylic Gloss for a stunning finish. Admire the 4×8 Loft Beams stained in Dark Natural with Lifeline Interior Stain, adding warmth and character to this exceptional project.

Martin Residence

The Martin Residence enhances their deck extension with robust 14″ round x 12′ Eastern White Pine posts. These sturdy additions not only provide structural support but also lend a touch of natural beauty to the overall design.

Derderian Residence

The Derderian Residence showcases the stunning use of Wormy Chestnut barnwood, skillfully crafted into unique custom speakers. Experience the perfect fusion of rustic charm and modern audio technology in this exceptional project.

Joseph Residence

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garage with our custom 1×8 Eastern White Pine Chink Joint Siding like the Joseph Residence. Meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend with the existing home, this addition elevates the overall charm.

Goss Residence

Experience the inviting charm of the Goss Residence, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of 1×6 Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Tongue & Groove.

Reed Residence

The Reed Residence showcases the elegance of 1×12 Eastern White Pine Tongue & Groove. It adorns interior walls and ceilings, adding timeless beauty to the space.

Middle Tennessee

A Scarbrough Truck is loaded with a log package, making its way to middle Tennessee.

Kozar Residence

The Kozar Residence features 6×8 Eastern White Pine D-Log, showcasing the natural beauty and rustic charm.

Heckl Residence

The Heckl Residence showcases our 2×8 Eastern White Pine D-Log, hand-hewn for an authentic touch. Accompanied by 1×8 Eastern White Pine Tongue & Groove and Northern White Cedar Railing, this project exudes rustic charm.

Russell Residence

Experience the rustic elegance of the Russell Residence, adorned with 1×8 Eastern White Pine Shiplap siding.

Shaddix Residence

Discover the Shaddix Residence, showcasing the timeless beauty of 1×6 Eastern White Pine Tongue & Groove.

Anderson Residence

Experience the stunning transformation of the Anderson Residence with our 1×12 Eastern White Pine siding. Explore the captivating before and after pictures showcasing the beauty and quality of our siding. Witness the remarkable difference it makes in enhancing the curb appeal of this exquisite home.

Pinnix Residence

The Pinnix Residence showcases the elegance of 1×12 Eastern White Pine Smooth Chink Joint siding, adding a touch of sophistication to the exterior.

Pickenpaugh Residence

The Pickenpaugh Residence features exquisite 1×6 Ponderosa Pine Tongue & Groove siding, adding timeless charm and character.

Dill Residence

Enhance the beauty of your home like the Dill Residence project featuring 1×8 Eastern White Pine Tongue & Groove Nickel gap siding. The exquisite stain selection includes Lifeline Interior Driftwood, Lifeline Ultra 2 Chestnut, and Lifeline Acrylic Satin Gloss, adding charm and character to this remarkable project.

Hunt Residence

The Hunt Residence project showcases the stunning use of beams, Southern Yellow Pine T&G flooring, and 1×12 Eastern White Pine Tongue & Groove for walls and ceilings. Experience the timeless elegance and natural beauty of these carefully selected materials.

Shimp Residence

Shimp Residence discovered the elegance of Grand Prairie Birch Hardwood Flooring in Black Diamond.