Hard maple, a smooth and even-grained hardwood, cabinets offer a timeless appeal. They are characterized by their predominantly light color and uniform appearance. The natural beauty of mineral streaks add character to the wood, enhancing its unique charm. Please note that when applying a wiping stain to maple cabinets, color consistency may vary. The ends of the stiles and the cross-stain profile in the raised panel will exhibit a darker tone. This contributes to the desired rustic look of Maple Natural cabinets. Embrace the individuality of the face frame, doors, and drawer fronts. These elements can display different colors, further enhancing the distinct character of Maple Natural cabinets. Maple Natural cabinets are renowned for their durability, elegance, and rustic appeal.

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Door: Savannah15
Wood: Maple
Color: Natural
Edge Profile: Shaker
Glaze: None
Highlight: None
Finish Options: None
Kitchen Cabinets Savannah15 Maple Natural