Thank you for your interest in some of the great products that East Tennessee Building Supply has to offer.  Our team is here to answer any questions, create quotes, or help with your building supply needs.

Meet The Team

John Murgolo- Sales:  423-588-0297

John has been with East Tennessee Building Supply since May 2014. Within the first two years he increased sales over five times, compared to previous sales. He is very knowledgeable about the products and is committed to taking care of his customers every step of the way. To him, half a day just means you only work 12 hours a day.

Robin Morrison-Sales: 423-571-2061

Robin has been involved in the log home and lumber industry on and off for over 10 years. Her vast knowledge of our products and sincere devotion to her customers makes her one of the best in the industry. Like the others, she’s often found at a customer’s job site, providing them with helpful information as well as doing on site quotes.

Billy Cash- Sales:  865-308-2931

Billy has been in the building supply industry for nearly a decade. His passion is log and wood homes and it is his desire to make your dream of owning a log home come true.

One of his specialties is knowledge of the more exotic woods that are native to America such as river recovered cypress, also known as sinker cypress, and also various species of cedar. 

Prior to coming to East Tennessee Building Supply Billy was employed by a major stain and sealant company. While there he would purchase competitors products to determine the differences in order to recommend the very best for his customers. His knowledge of these products makes him an expert in the field.

Craig Olson- Cabinet Sales and Blueprint Design:  423-329-2064

Craig is the “Go To” guy for East Tennessee Building Supply.  He is valuable in many areas. To start, he is our Designer, drawing up all our house plans but also many for our customers. He works closely with each one in order to design the house plan that’s just right for them.

He is also over our Kitchen Cabinets division.  Again, working closely with each customer to find the cabinets that meet their needs and budget.   And our cabinets are made right here in Tennessee; no imports.  

He is currently working with customers and contractors in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg areas to aid in the rebuilding process after the recent wildfires destroyed so many homes. He works closely with each customer, one on one, making sure he provides exactly what they need in order to get their lives back on track.

Mandi DeWeese- Sales: 423-972-5969

After being in the banking business most all of her life, Mandi decided to pursue a different career path, something that would be flexible and yet rewarding. With a little nudging from her friend Robin, she is now on her way to developing a customer/contractor network all across the US. Though her knowledge of the products we offer is still in the learning stages, she more than makes up for it with her eagerness to learn and her commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Donna Murgolo-Warehouse Manager: 423-923-1651

Donna came on board East Tennessee Building Supply soon after her husband, John.  They are a dynamic duo; definitely a God-send to us.  The company grew fast and Donna quickly took the opportunity to demonstrate her many abilities that would benefit the company, especially in bookkeeping where she has over 20 years experience. Her talents are many but currently she is our warehouse manager where she efficiently plans and organizes the products for inventory and shipping.

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