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Frequently Asked Questions – Your Log Home and Building Supply Questions Answered

Log Home Questions:

Are log homes energy efficient?

Log construction is energy efficient due to its thermal mass. This keeps homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Log homes are often built in harsh climates.

See the Log Homes Council article for more details on the energy performance of log homes.

How do you install plumbing in a log home?

Only the exterior walls are constructed from solid logs. The interior partition walls are conventionally framed to accommodate the pipes and drains.

How do you wire a log home?

During log home construction, wire chases are drilled on site to run electrical wiring through log walls. Similarly, wiring can also be run through partition walls.

Roof wiring needs should also be considered before installing roof decking for ceiling lights and fans.

Are log homes maintenance free?

Although log homes are relatively easy to maintain, you’ll need to periodically apply a good log home preservative. However, the maintenance schedule depends on the house design, climate conditions, home site, sun and wind exposure, etc. The article prepared by the Log Homes Council offers more information on log home preservation.

East Tennessee Building Supply Questions:

Why are your prices so much less expensive than other companies?

Given the great pricing we offer, one can assume our low overhead is a factor. Moreover, we utilize the same suppliers as other companies, eliminating any price disparities.

Additionally, we don’t spend heavily on print or other media ads. Instead, we rely on our reputation for quality materials and practices.

How long have you been in business?

With many years of prior experience in the log home industry, Charles and associates started East Tennessee Building Supply in 2006.

As a small company with low overhead, we can help you save money compared to other companies.

What is the payment schedule?

To arrange shipping, take advantage of our discounts available for delivery anywhere within the continental states. Additionally, please note that sales tax is collected on all sales or deliveries in Tennessee. For a no-obligation quote, please contact our office.

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What about financing?

We do not offer financial assistance, but we provide a list of lenders who understand log home building. This makes your project more manageable.

What is your Refund Policy?

When reporting defects or damages, contact your sales representative within 3 days of receiving the material.

For returns, we charge a 25% restocking fee and accept only items in original condition. The buyer will be responsible for shipping costs. Additionally, we will deduct any credit card fees from the refund.

Where is Greeneville, TN?

To reach Greeneville, head towards the Northeast corner of Tennessee where it’s located in Greene County. It’s approximately 30 miles Southwest of Johnson City.