For a timber or log home, wooden siding is a necessity. Even with a log home you may not choose to use logs for every section. Wooden siding allows you to keep the rustic wood appearance. Once you decide on using wooden siding, you have several types to choose from. Of course, they come in various woods and finishes as well. This can give you a lot of options to think about.

One idea is to use siding that mimics the log design. These types of siding match the shape of the logs that make up the rest of the home. This makes for an easy choice on which one. You just pick the wood and shape that matches. These can be D type with or without chinking joints or maybe Confederate V-Joint. Using them makes the non-log parts of the house blend in with the rest.

What are-my options for Wooden Siding on my home?

The other idea is just to use a wood siding that follows along with the rustic theme of the log or timber home. This is a more complex choice because you are adding another pattern to the building. It becomes an artistic concern. There are several types to consider. You can chose a board and batten, or tongue and grove, or channel rustic, or one of several bevel styles. In addition, you can choose from various woods.

Siding Types

The board and batten design is where the main boards are held in place by a smaller board that is fastened in the middle. The main boards float under the smaller batten board. This allows them to expand and contract without having a gap show. This siding can be either horizontal or vertical. It is sometimes called barn siding because it was commonly used on barns.

The tongue and grove siding has a ridge cut into one edge and a slot cut into the other side. When the siding is installed the ridge fits into the slot. This connection serves to prevent water from going through the siding. This siding goes on horizontally. This is a very popular siding.

The channel rustic siding has a longer slot cut on the top outside edge and a smaller slot cut on the bottom inside. This allows the overlapping siding plank to fit over the top and leave a visible slot there. This siding can be installed so that the channel is exposed or with the channel on the underside. The wider slot helps with keeping the siding planks from cupping on wide lengths.

The bevel types have one side cut away so that the edge fits over the siding plank below it. This bevel can be of several shapes that change the look of the edge. This siding is thicker at the beveled edge. This siding goes horizontally along the wall. Common types of bevels are either rabbited or plain. These are chosen based on the appearance desired.

Get Expert Guidance for Your Wooden Siding Selection

Before deciding on a siding, I recommend you spend some time looking at log or timber home pictures. See how the sidings look in place. You may also want to think about best wood for your application.

The choice of siding type will make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Our staff at East Tennessee Building Supply can help you with this. We carry all types of siding in various woods. We would be glad to help you with your decision.

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