Hand-Split and Re-sawn Cedar Shake Shingles


Cedar shake roofing Cedar shake shingles have split faces and sawn backs. Cedar logs are cut into desired lengths, then blanks or boards are split and run diagonally through a band saw to produce two tapered shakes from each blank.  They are lightweight and easy to install.  Additionally, they offer natural beauty and durability.

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  • 5 bundles to a square based on a 10 inch exposure
  • #1 Blue label – Non Bureau
  • Thickness 1/2″ (medium) and 3/4″ (heavy) minimums
  • Width 4″ minimum
  • Roof exposure 10 inch maximum
  • Clear heartwood; 20% maximum flat grain in each bundle
  • Minimum purchase: 5 bundles
1/2” x 24” MediumCall for pricing*
3/4” x 24” HeavyCall for pricing*

Hip and Ridge Units

Cedar hip and ridge units are pre-manufactured caps for hips and ridges. These labor-saving units are made from the same red cedar resource as Certi-label shingles to ensure a high-quality, perfect match. They are designed to provide a finished look to the roof while protecting against weather damage.

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Cedar shakes/shingles


  • Number 1 Grade Blue Label – Manufactured from quality Number 1 Grade Blue Label cedar shingles
  • Widths 7″ minimum (measured over the top at the butt end)
  • Each Bundle Covers 16.67 Lineal feet
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#4 Undercourse Shingles

Covers 33 lineal feet per Bundle

Undercourse shingles, also known as starter shingles, are the first course of shingles installed at the eave of a roof. The Certi-Last label certifies that they have been pressure impregnated with wood preservatives to Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau standards.

These shingles are applied according to industry specifications and are compatible with Certi-Split cedar shakes, Certigrade cedar shingles, and Certi-Sawn cedar shakes. However, it’s important to follow the specifications of the treating company or chemical manufacturer regarding flashing and fasteners.

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Certigrade Red Label Perfection Cedar Shingles

Certigrade Red Label Perfection Cedar Shingles are the highest quality cedar shingles available. They are made from 100% heartwood, ensuring exceptional durability and beauty. Additionally, these shingles have a consistent thickness and clean, smooth surface, making them a perfect choice for a variety of architectural styles.  These shingles are perfect for use on sidewalls.

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Shingles - Building Materials


  • Number 2 grade, Red Label Perfections
  • 18″ length
  • Thickness is 5/2 1/4″
  • Width 4″ minimum
  • Face must be 11″ clear or better
  • Limited sapwood and flat grain allowed
  • Limited knots and defects allowed above the clear portion
  • Coverage: 4 bundles per square based on a 5 1/2″ exposure

Minimum purchase: 5 bundles

Cedar Shingles - Wood Siding - Building Products
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Certigrade Cedar Sidewall Shingles

Certigrade Cedar Sidewall Shingles, also known as R&R (rebutted and rejointed) products, are a high-quality choice for adding beauty and protection to your home’s exterior. These shingles are made Number 1 Grade Label Certigrade red cedar and are specifically designed for use on sidewalls and roofs. Their smooth, uniform surface and precise edges give a clean, tailored appearance to any building. Plus, they are manufactured to meet the rigorous standards set forth by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, ensuring their durability and longevity.

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Shingles - Building Materials


  • 4″ width minimum
  • 5/2 1/4″ thick
  • Clear heartwood: 100% edge grain; no defects

Box covers 100 square feet based on 14″ exposure

18″ R&R NaturalCall for pricing*
18″ R&R GroovedCall for pricing*