EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) Foam Panels Roof Insulation is reliable, cost-effective, and compatible with various roofing materials and systems. EPS foam has a proven track record, standing the test of time and performing well in roofing applications. Field studies confirm that EPS foam panels, even those over 20 to 25 years old, maintain excellent performance.

When it comes to insulating your log home’s roof, EPS Foam Panels are the ideal choice. These panels offer several advantages: permanent R value, inherent water resistance, exceptional physical properties, and dimensional stability. Additionally, our roof panels offer the flexibility of customization with or without pre-bonded OSB panels for convenience during installation.

OSB also available on both sides.
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Log Home Building Supplies-EPS Foam Roof Insulation Panels

Features and Benefits of EPS Foam Panels:

Superior Thermal Efficiency:

EPS foam insulation offers exceptional thermal efficiency, providing better insulation per dollar compared to other insulations. It delivers an impressive R4 insulating capacity per inch of depth, ensuring effective heat insulation.

Long-lasting Performance:

EPS foam insulation maintains stable R-Values over its entire lifespan, offering consistent thermal performance. Unlike other insulations, EPS foam is highly stable over time, ensuring reliable insulation performance.

Durable and Reliable:

EPS foam insulation comes with a 20-year thermal warranty, reflecting its durability and reliability. It has minimal water absorption while remaining breathable, and moisture has little to no effect on its stability. It is dimensionally stable and maintains its integrity even in humid conditions.

Easy Installation and Eco-Friendly:

EPS foam insulation is lightweight, making it easy to handle and install. It does not use blowing agents that diffuse out of the insulation, ensuring long-term performance. Additionally, EPS roof insulation is recyclable and environmentally friendly. It is free from CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, and formaldehyde, promoting sustainable building practices.
Size40 Deg R Value75 Deg R ValueW/ 7/16" OSB40 Deg R Value75 Deg R ValueFoam Only
3 1/2"-14.513.4015.114
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5 1/2"22.921.1023.521.7Contact Us for Pricing
7 1/2"31.228.8031.829.4Contact Us for Pricing
9 1/2"39.636.5040.237.1Contact Us for Pricing