Milled Logs for Log Homes and Log Cabins



  • Quality milled logs
  • Milled direct pricing
  • Logs sold by the linear feet
  • Double tongue and groove
  • Lengths 8′ to 16′
  • Use your house plans
  • Flexibility in design changes
  • On site design changes
  • Buy what you need as you need it
  • Dovetail corners available
  • Hand hewing available
  • Other log home products available as you need them
  • Choose your own builder
  • Huge savings over the purchase of a “log home kit”

We offer a wide range of other log home products such as interior wood doors, tongue and groove siding/paneling, log siding, wood flooring, heavy wood beams, log railing, trim boards, and more.

6" x 8"Eastern White PineD-Log$4.25/lf
6" x 8"Northern White CedarD-logPlease call for pricing.
6" x 8"Eastern White PineGerman Chink$4.25/lf
6" x 8"Eastern White PineSquare Chink$4.25/lf
6" x 8"Eastern White PineV-Joint$4.25/lf
8" x 8"Eastern White PineD-Log$5.95
8" x 8"Eastern White PineDouble D, or RoundCall for pricing
8" x 8"Eastern White PineGerman Chink$5.95/lf
8" x 8"Eastern White PineSquare Chink$5.95/lf
8" x 8"Eastern White PineV-Joint$5.95/lf
6" x 12"Eastern White PineD-Log$7.50/lf
6" x 12"Eastern White PineGerman Chink$7.50/lf
6" x 12"Eastern White PineSquare Chink$7.50/lf
6" x 12"Eastern White PineV-Joint$7.50/lf
8"x 12"Eastern White PineD-Log$11.25/lf
8"x 12"Eastern White PineGerman Chink$11.25/lf
8"x 12"Eastern White PineSquare Chink$11.25/lf
8"x 12"Eastern White PineV-Joint$11.25/lf

Other species and profiles available,  please call for pricing and availability.

Contact us for additional information and a free quote.